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Ruby [Supernatural]
9 July
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"You don’t even know how hard this was. All the demons out for my head – no one knew. I was the best of those sons of bitches! The most loyal! Not even Alastair knew! Only Lilith. Yeah, I’m sure you’re a little angry right now but come on, Sam! Even you have to admit, I’m – I’m awesome!"

Character Info
Character: Ruby
Fandom: Supernatural
Point of Entry: After she dies in Lucifer Rising (4x22)

Physical Description:

Ruby in her true form is little more than black smoke, but she can possess any human vessel she wishes. Due to Sam's demands that she not possess anyone, she is currently in the body of a brain-dead person, an "unoccupied vessel". She is about 5'4, with long black hair and dark eyes.


Born in London in 1328, Ruby was twenty years old at the height of the Black Death. When the plague first started, fear for herself and for her family had led her to dabble in witchcraft, and she discovered she had quite a proficiency for spells and potions. Still, nothing she did could cure the Plague, and when her mother and father were stricken, she summoned a demon in desperation. She sold her soul for the lives of her family, and ten years later the demon came to collect. Dragged to Hell by a Hellhound, Ruby was tortured for centuries until her soul and spirit finally broke, twisted and darkened into demonic form.

She was freed from her torment, and slowly came to hate the humans on the surface, the humans leading happy lives with their families. She developed a deep Faith in Lucifer, who shared her hatred of humans, and soon came to worship him as both her Father and her savior.

After Sam briefly died at the hands of Jake Talley, she was sent to Earth to protect Lucifer's vessel and deliver him to the Devil with the breaking of the last seal. What she did not expect was to LIKE Sam Winchester. It had been so long since she had been around humans, she had forgotten how charming they could be. Sam Winchester was brave, smart, kind and handsome, and although she never strayed from her course, her heart did soften towards him over the time of her assignment. There were times she thought she almost felt love - but she pushed those feelings away. They were unrequited, pointless and silly feelings, and would interfere with her task. She convinced herself, that Sam living out his destiny as Lucifer's vessel was good not only for Lucifer, but for Sam as well. Certainly, after all, there would be great rewards given to him. Her conscience assuaged, Ruby bound Sam to her by getting him addicted to her blood - telling him (actually truthfully) that it would give him the strength to kill Lilith. What she neglected to tell him was that killing Lilith was breaking the last seal - and with that seal broken, Lucifer would rise.

Against all odds, Ruby succeeded in her task, although she did not get to see the results of her work. She was killed by Sam and Dean Winchester with her own knife just after the breaking of the last seal.


Ruby is a demon, and as such, her personality has been twisted with torture and pain into a thing of darkness, cruelty and hatred. Once human, her suffering has killed almost all vestiges of her humanity. Almost. Despite her dark dealings and her task of turning Sam Winchester over to Lucifer, her feelings for him were the purest and brightest things she had felt since she was human so long ago. She stopped short of calling it love, although it was certainly approaching that by the end.

Ruby is also intensely loyal to Lucifer. Keeping her endgame silent to all but Lilith, her life was constantly in danger from other demons as she struggled to deliver Sam Winchester to her Father. It was a difficult and dangerous path, but one she did not leave because of her love and loyalty to her creator.

Ruby is short-tempered, demanding, and often a bit of a smart-ass. She is not a fan of Dean Winchester for many reasons. First, because he's always trying to kill her, second, because she does not like the way he treats Sam, and thirdly, because he is always getting in the way of her plans.


Ruby's first days in the village were quite unpleasant for her. Upon arriving, she went to the police, trying to work within human laws, and tried to get them to arrest Dean Winchester for her murder. Instead, she was subjected to hateful victim blaming which caused her to lash out at the police (specifically Erica Evans) and get herself in trouble for threatening a police officer.

She was then confronted with the fact that Sam Winchester, who she believed herself to be in love with, was clearly not interested in pursuing anything with her, as he seemed to have found himself another girl.

A few days later, attempting to show Sam that she was on the right side, she summoned Lucifer and told him that she wasn't going to help him with the Winchesters anymore. Angry at being told "no", Lucifer took her powers away and tortured her, leaving her weak and in a great deal of pain.

She was found by Kerai, who took her back to The Ribbon and healed her as best she could.

A few days after that, she met Robert St. Clair while eating french fries at the In & Out, and over the weeks fell very deeply in love with him, even confessing to him all the secrets of her past. Truly falling in love has had a huge affect on her. She has desperately been trying to be the kind of person Robert seems to think she is, to improve herself, to find the person that she was. It's a difficult and frightening thing for her, and she struggles to control the darkness within her.

Recently, she has been given a strip club, The Inferno, which is attached to Robert's brothel, The Sin.

As of May 18, 2011, Ruby is engaged to Robert St. Clair

As of July 22, 2011, Ruby is married to Robert St. Clair

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