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Ruby [Supernatural]
17 October 2011 @ 12:44 pm

SEPTEMBER 10 - A Visit to the Ribbon with Kerai (77 tags)

SEPTEMBER 20 - At the Clinic with Robert St Clair (24 tags)

OCTOBER 3 - A Surprise Visit with Robert St Clair (59 tags)


Lek Kerenko
Ruby [Supernatural]
27 July 2011 @ 04:08 pm

RUBY (SPN) imawesome_ruby
Ruby's in very good shape right now. Things aren't perfect, they won't be for a very long time. She's still got issues to work out - you don't get over things like that overnight - and there are bound to be some mistakes. I'm working hard on controlling her voice, and she's not AS obnoxiously loud as she used to be. I still love playing her though, and have some plot points for her in the future. :)
NEEDS THREADS WITH: Threads with Robert are always <3. Anyone, really, though. Aaron, Rachel, I'd like her to have a talk with Sam Winchester, anything really.

SAWYER (LOST) jim_lafleur
Sawyer's pretty content right now. He's kind of over his jealousy issues with John, although he's not going to be very comfortable talking about them for a while yet. He's still not pleased about what happened, he just realizes it isn't very important in the whole scheme of things.
NEEDS THREADS WITH: Juliet, anyone.

MICHAEL (SPN) winged_michael
Michael is in the middle of a bit of an existential crisis right now. He's really questioning everything, wondering why he's here, why God won't answer, what his purpose in life really is. And an archangel in a crisis is not always a good thing.
NEEDS THREADS WITH: Gabriel, Anna, Aaron, anyone angelic or supernatural.

DREAM (SANDMAN) dreamingaworld
Dream's actually adjusting to the village better than I feared he might. The zombie attack and apocalypse thing didn't really phase him one way or another, which is pretty typical for him.
NEEDS THREADS WITH: Desire, Destruction, Bast, anyone.

COLE TURNER (CHARMED) demon_belthazor
Cole has been pretty quiet lately. He needs to get a job, I'm thinking in Law, so maybe he should talk to Harvey about that.
NEEDS THREADS WITH: Charmed pups, any supernatural or evil pups, Harvey.

Finrod is doing quite well. He's enjoying being in the village (except for the zombie attack, he didn't like that much), meeting people and discovering about new worlds. He's very academic and very curious, so this is all an exciting adventure for Finrod.
NEEDS THREADS WITH: Saetan, Gabrielle, Faramir, possibly Annatar, possibly Elaine.

Lek is not particularly enjoying the village. He's very off-balance and unsure of what he's supposed to be doing, and that's making his governor a bit trigger happy. He needs to get that out, but he doesn't want Andrej getting in trouble for it, either. He'd kind of like to go back to where things make sense (but I'm not going to let him. ;))
NEEDS THREADS WITH: Andrej, Robert, he'd love to meet Jos and Laura and Laila, Lisa Braeden, anyone, really.

The village is kind of an annoying game to Sirius right now, although I think he's going to eventually get quite annoyed with it all. He doesn't like being kept in one place for long. He's got a lot of issues and is not going to be wanting to face them and/or work them out.
NEEDS THREADS WITH: Harry Potter pups, supernatural pups of any sort, anyone

I think I might finally have had a breakthrough with Niun, and found a place for him in the village. We'll see how that fits in. I love playing him but his canon is rather hard to incorporate. But this just may work. :)
NEEDS THREADS WITH: Duncan, anyone.

I need to intro her, as soon as LJ is working enough to let me! It's going to be amazing if she doesn't get arrested in her first few days, because crime is really the only life she knows. She'll probably end up working at the Sin for a while maybe. Really just depends what happens in her first few threads.
NEEDS THREADS WITH: Herself! Anyone! I need to intro her!
Ruby [Supernatural]
29 June 2011 @ 11:12 pm
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Ruby [Supernatural]
03 June 2011 @ 12:15 am
IC Confession Meme

Mine is here...
Ruby [Supernatural]
28 April 2011 @ 02:41 am
After her doctor's appointment, Ruby felt...blank. Dr. Jones had not said it was hopeless, but she had implied that pregnancy was AT LEAST a very unlikely prospect. One that she certainly couldn't count on. It had confirmed her own suspicions - in over a year of being in this body she had only had two menstrual cycles - which of course meant that something was desperately wrong.

So chances were that she couldn't give Robert a baby. Ever. She would never cradle his child in her arms, never have the chance to give him the most precious gift a woman could give her lover. She knew that he would be kind and supportive when she told him. She also knew that he would be disappointed, even if he didn't express it to her openly. And that would break her heart, because she loved him so.

In truth, she knew very little about love. After so many centuries of nothing but hate, it was a strange, foreign thing to her. She knew far more about murder than she did love, far more about how to manipulate and destroy than how to love and create. But Robert made her want to change that. He made her want to rethink everything she was, and to choose paths that would lead her away from darkness and to a place where he could truly be proud of her.

She made it home, and made a few phone calls, finding someone else to cover the Inferno tonight. She didn't think she could do it, as she felt far from sexy. Hearing how destroyed and torn apart your body was could do that to a girl.

Instead, she made her way to the Animal Shelter, and in the way of the village, found exactly the pet she had sought. A gift for Robert. It was not a child, could never replace a child of his body, but it was something she could and would give him. She carried the squirming sheepdog puppy home in her arms, tying he large blue bow around its neck as they got inside. It would be a gift for him. As would her words - that if he wished for a child, he could have one with a different woman of his choice. One who had the means to give him what he wanted. She felt her eyes tear up at the very idea, and she stroked the puppy's soft head. But she also knew that she couldn't deny him anything that would make him happy, even if it tore her tarnished soul into a thousand pieces. Maybe that's what love was? Being willing to sacrifice everything just to see your partner smile.

She wiped away the tears, confining the puppy to a large crate where it would cause as little havoc as possible, and made her way to the kitchen. In the past months, her cooking had improved, and it was with pride that she fixed Robert a meal every time she was able. Tonight it was a beef stroganoff recipe she had found in an old cookbook. It was at least something to pass the time until Robert got home and she had to tell him the news.
Ruby [Supernatural]
Ruby was glad that she wasn't going to be alone tonight. It had been a difficult few days, and she was tired to her very core. Being unable to sleep, she had not been looking forward to a long night of infomercials by herself. She had wanted Robert to come over, but as she had told him, she feared monopolizing his time. She always wanted him there - she didn't want to push him away by wanting more than he did.

But he had seemed perfectly happy to come by - he had even seemed as if he wanted to be there almost as badly as she wanted him to be. So it was all good.

She had spent the time since she had spoken to Erica rearranging and decorating her room. It kept her mind off Lucifer and what she had done, and physical labor was always good for the soul. She did, however, have to admit that moving around the sofa and such was far easier with her powers than without.

She had placed hex bags around the room, put more sigils under the throw rug in the foyer, and painted an angel banishing sigil on the back of her door. She didn't know if any of these things would work against Lucifer, but they at least made her feel that she was doing something.

Her room was simple, with very little adornment so far. She was spending most of her money on the knife she had ordered from Joslire, so with the exception of some new curtains and some new bedding there wasn't much to personalize it yet.

She had toyed with the idea of going to the animal shelter and getting a kitten - she dearly wanted one - but had decided to wait until things sorted themselves out a bit.

So now, just past two am, she was laying on the couch while french fries baked in the oven, boredly watching an infomercial about a beach ball that was supposed to get you into perfect shape, and wondering why people were so desperate to waste their money on ridiculous things.
Ruby [Supernatural]
02 March 2011 @ 03:51 pm
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Ruby [Supernatural]
22 February 2011 @ 11:43 pm

Character: Ruby imawesome_ruby
Canon: Supernatural
General: Ruby's going through a lot right now. She's trying to figure a lot of things out, decide which side she's on, and she really hasn't made that decision yet. She has four (five?) people in the world she cares about - Sam, Aaron Corbett, Kerai and Robert St. Clair. She also would be pretty upset if something happened to Father Sam. She's clinging to her feelings for Sam mainly because she's frightened and scared in the village, and she's terrified of being completely alone there. She's still trying to decide if she truly does love Sam, or if, like Kerai said, she wasn't capable of love then. She's working at the Chocolaterie and volunteering at the Ribbon. She really likes spending time with Robert, even though she's just met him, but doesn't have any expectations for that.
Needs Threads With: She'd love to spend more time with her four favorite people, although she's decided to leave Sam alone for the time being. Also, threads with The Devil, Gabriel, Chuck, pretty much anyone would be welcome!

Character: Archangel Michael winged_michael
Canon: Supernatural
General: Michael hates being here. Hates it. He hates that he's stuck in his vessel, he hates not having orders from God. He feels lost and afraid, and he really wishes he could leave. His brother won't speak to him, and the other angels seem to hate him, just for telling them the truth. He likes the Nephilim more than he should, but at least the kid gives him something to do.
Needs Threads With: Gabriel, Aaron, Anna, Castiel, Dean, The Devil, anyone, really

Character: James "Sawyer" Ford jim_lafleur
Canon: LOST
General: Sawyer's doing pretty well, actually. He's with his Juliet and she's going to have their baby soon. He is going through the normal fatherly worries about whether Juliet has the right doctors, and whether he'll be a good dad, but I think on the whole he's pretty optimistic about life right now. He's applied for a job at the Newspaper, we'll see how that goes.

Needs Threads With: Juliet, John, anyone, really.

Character: Tessa reaper_tessa
Canon: Supernatural
General: Tessa's just arrived, and hasn't really done much yet. She's nervous at the fact everyone can see her, but happy that Death is here, because strangely, that makes her feel safe.

Needs Threads With: Death, anyone!

Ruby [Supernatural]
31 January 2011 @ 10:31 pm
You've reached my voice mail. Please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Unless, of course, this is Dean Winchester, and in that case, you can go to Hell. Again.